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Using Internet Explorer

1. Split screen viewing

With Windows 8.1 you donít need two screens to view web pages side-by-side. Just right click on a link and then select for it to Open in a new window. Both windows will display with a 50-50 split, and you can even adjust how much you see of each page by dragging the black bar dividing them back and forth.

2. Reading View

Want to cut the clutter out of a web page and concentrate on just its text and photos? The new Reading View mode in Internet Explorer 11 does exactly this. To access it, tap the Book button on the web address bar and then adjust the style and size of what you see using the Options menu.

3. Set which passwords you save

Accounts, and youíll be able to view and delete sign in information for the sites you visit via Internet Explorer.

4. Permanent tabs

With Internet Explorer 11 you can actually your tabs to the bottom of your screen no matter what youíre doing. To enable this super-speedy access, go to Settings > Options > Always show address bar and tabs, and then youíll be able to access your tabs whenever you need them.

5. Clear its cache

To speed up your browser and view the most recent version of a web page, click on its Settings > Options > History. Then itís a matter of selecting the Cached images box and deleting them. Youíll also be able to delete your History and Cookies settings too.