You’ve Just Been Ransomed … Now What?—now-what- Seemingly every day, a new organization announces they’ve been hit by a ransomware attack. The agnostic nature of ransomware leaves no industry immune to vulnerabilities. Be it school systems, healthcare providers, or government agencies, the battlegrounds are increasingly widespread. Companies should operate not on a basis of if they’ll be hit, but when. Executives… Continue reading You’ve Just Been Ransomed … Now What?

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FTC Staff Report Many internet service providers (ISPs) collect and share far more data about their customers than many consumers may expect—including access to all of their Internet traffic and real-time location data—while failing to offer consumers meaningful choices about how this data can be used, according to an FTC staff report on ISPs’ data collection and use… Continue reading FTC Staff Report

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Windows 11 Update

Microsoft’s Windows 11 update is upon us! Many of us may have already seen a pop up notification regarding upgrading to W11, and if you’re experience was anything like mine, you found your computer does not meet the requirements…yet. Does this mean that we’ll need to purchase a new computer? Get a larger hard drive,… Continue reading Windows 11 Update

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