Windows 11 Update

Microsoft’s Windows 11 update is upon us! Many of us may have already seen a pop up notification regarding upgrading to W11, and if you’re experience was anything like mine, you found your computer does not meet the requirements…yet. Does this mean that we’ll need to purchase a new computer? Get a larger hard drive, more RAM, or get a fancier video card? What if the reason for the upgrade failure is your processor is not supported? We don’t usually upgrade CPU’s much nowadays since the processing power that comes out of the box is typically beyond what the typical user needs. I’m banking on the list of approved devices will grow as time goes on.

What do I need to do before attempting to upgrade to Windows 11? If you haven’t already, make a full backup of your computer – not just your files, but a system image of your C: drive as it is currently. Having a complete back up and image of your current system is critical to be able to roll back from any issues, whether it’s due to a buggy patch, a failed operating system update, or just your average virus, malware, or ransomware infections. Having a good working backup is important to have regardless if you’re doing an upgrade to Windows 11, or if it’s just been a while since you’ve had a fresh image taken of your OS.

What other options do we have if our computer is a bit older, but we really don’t want to have to buy a new one, or spend money on our existing computer just to be Windows 11 compliant? There’s always Linux – yes, I know…Linux is sooo harrrd… No, it really isn’t any longer, and the latest version of Ubuntu, like many others, can be taken for a test run before installing it by running it off a CD, or a USB drive without making any changes to your current Windows 10 computer so you can check it out and see if this really may be an option for when the time comes, Microsoft ends support for Windows 10.

What has your experience been? What path do you think you’ll take when the end of Windows 10 comes?

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