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iCloud goes down: Live by the service, die by the service Were you impacted by iCloud’s service interruption? Do you have a plan to protect your digital life in the event your cloud service does suffer a failure? Remember, the cloud is just someone else’s computer!

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New Version of Ransomware tries to delete files and render the system unusable. LokiLocker, a relatively new form of ransomware, uses the standard extortion-through-encryption racket but also incorporates disk-wiper functionality. Double extortion became a hit last year, when ransomware gangs started stealing files before encrypting them to threaten victims with a sensitive data leak if they didn’t pay up.  BlackBerry Threat Intelligence is now warning that LokiLock, […]

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Windows 11 Update

Do it now? Do it later? What should I do? I’m getting notifications to update to Windows 11. Is it ok to do? How long might it take? Will I like it? All good questions and the answers would be different for each individuals situation. My first recommendation would be to make a backup of […]