North Shore Computer Services

Disaster Recovery Preparation

Being able to restore your business or personal computer and its data back to a pre-catastrophic event is critical for minimizing your businesses downtime and getting you back to work and staying in business. For personal data, it can mean the difference between losing most if not all cherished family memories such as photos and videos, as well as personal financial data, or being able to restore your devices back to a pre-event state.

Don't risk having a natural disaster or ransomeware / malware infection dictate what happens with your livelihoods data. Having a proper and proven backup strategy is key to eliminating this vulnerability. We can create complete image files of your current computer systems, create an exact mirror of your hard drive onto another hard drive that can be stored securely, and then implement regular incremental backups of your files allowing you to roll back your computer to a working state without having to reinstall all your programs and reset your settings.

Many of these can be done remotely to limit the need for in person interaction during this time. If a house call is needed, we serve the Lake County / Northern Cook County areas of Illinois.

  • Preventative & Repair Services To Keep Your Computers Operating Optimally

  • Browse the Internet Privately and Securely

  • Safely & Securely Store Your Sensitive Data In The Cloud

  • Have A Backup Plan For Your Computer That Actually Works